Increase the efficiency of hair bleaching by using our using sodium (meta) silicates in your hair bleaching powders !

Our sodium (meta)silicates are used in hair care products, more specifically in hair bleaching powders which are employed for lightening hair color. Typically, these products are sold to the consumers as dry powders, which must be mixed with aqueous solutions of hydrogen peroxide before they are applied. Upon mixing, the components in the bleach powder and the hydrogen peroxide solution form an activated bleaching composition which is then applied to the hair. Our sodium (meta) silicates are added in the bleaching powder in order to ensure the right basic pH in the activated bleaching paste in order to achieve an optimal oxygen release or excellent bleaching performance. 

Bleached hair
Bleached hair

Principal Benefits

Complete product portfolio

SILMACO is able to offer you a complete portfolio of sodium silicate powders. Starting from our anhydrous sodium metasilicate powder with a SiO2/Na2O ratio of 1.0 towards our hydrated sodium disilicates (ratio 2.0) and trisilicates (ratio 3.4). The lower the ratio, the more alkaline the product and the better it dissolves in water.

Optimal pH for peroxide bleaching

Our sodium silicates and metasilicates are excellent alkaline buffering agents which ensure an optimal peroxide bleaching. Our metasilicate anhydrous has the special advantage to be water free which makes the bleaching powder less sensitive towards thermal decomposition !

Very low Iron content

The region were SILMACO is located is well known for its low iron quartz sand. This very pure sand is used for the production of all our silicates. Our sodium metasilicate and disilicate powders have a typical Fe-content in the range of 40-50 ppm.  

Customized Silicates

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Silmaco is a family business with more than 30 years of experience in the production of high-quality and customized silicates. Our flexibility, focus on innovation and quality guarantees your company a carefree service and the most appropriate silicate for your application.

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