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"SILMACO stands for sodium silicates, lithium silicates and sodium metasilicates of a high and consistent quality !"

SILMACO offers a complete range of sodium- and lithium silicates in liquid form, which vary in molar ratio and solid content. Sodium disilicates and - trisilicates are manufactured from the corresponding liquids using a state-of-the-art spray granulation technology. Our powders are obtained by grinding the granular form towards the particle size you are looking for. There is a choice in three different grades of sodium metasilicate: anhydrous, pentahydrate and nonahydrate, each of which differs in terms of concentration. 

You can also contact us for customized silicates. We work together with you to understand your expectations of the product and then go on to develop silicates that integrate seamlessly with your finished product and production process.

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About Silmaco.

Silmaco is a family business with more than 30 years of experience in the production of high-quality and customized silicates. Our flexibility, focus on innovation and quality guarantees your company a carefree service and the most appropriate silicate for your application.

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