Lithium Silicates

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Lithium silicates are aqueous solutions resulting from combinations of lithium oxide (Li2O) and colloidal silica (SiO2) in varying proportions. These interesting liquids combine valuable characteristics of soluble silicates and colloidal silica. For example, they offer alkalinity levels that are higher than colloidal silica, but much lower than sodium- and potassium silicates. In addition, they possess very good film forming and binding properties. 

Therefore, they are preferred to sodium- and potassium silicates in applications such as concrete surface treatment, specialty paints and coatings, refractory, ceramic and glazes.

SILMACO introduced his first lithium silicate grades in 2004. Based on customer demand and own research and development we expanded our product portfolio, which counts nowadays grades with molar ratio's SiO2/Li2O ranging from 2,95 towards 7,50.

Properties and Advantages

  • Lithium silicates are high ratio, low viscosity solutions
  • Compared to sodium- and potassium silicates:
    • they are less alkaline
    • they are less soluble once they are dried
    • they exhibit less desalting effects
  • Excellent film forming and binding properties
  • The binding and refractory properties of sodium- and potassium silicates can be improved by mixing them with lithium silicates

Product Overview

Our lithium silicates are characterized by the property data shown below. The properties and ranges shown are typical values, not manufacturing specifications. If you want more detailed information, our individual product specifications are available on demand.

Typical values

GradeMolar RatioWeight Ratio





Viscosity @ 20°C



Product identification

Chemical name: Silicic acid, lithium salt

Formula: Li2O. n SiO2

CAS nr: 12627-14-4

Packaging Options 

The product is available in 200 L drums (plastic or steel) / 1000 L IBC / Road tanker (10 up to 30 tons)

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Lithium Silicates

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