Grouting & Tunneling

Sodium silicate grouts are the most popular chemical grouts because of their safety and environmental compatibility. They are based on reacting a sodium silicate solution with an acid reactant or an aluminium salt to form a gel that binds soil or sediment particles together and fills voids.

Our sodium silicates are used in chemical grouts which are applied principally in filling voids in fine granular materials, for example sand ground.

Silicate grouts are frequently used

  • for stabilizing or for increasing the load-bearing capacity of fine-grained materials in foundations.
  • to make impermeable the porous soils that otherwise would allow water inflow into mines, shafts and tunnels.
  • to encapsulate soils contaminated with hazardous materials and prevent toxic components from migrating into groundwater.
  • in sealing fine fissures in fractured rock or concrete (leak-sealing).

Our sodium silicates are also used effectively as low-cost set-accelerators in shotcreting (sprayed concrete) which is applied in the construction of tunnels or underground structures.

Principal Benefits

Easy and Safe to handle

The low viscosity of our sodium silicates guarantee a good penetration. Furthermore, our sodium silicates are non-toxic and non-flammable !

Low cost and environmental friendly

Our sodium silicates are made from sand and soda. They are low-cost and recognized as environmentally friendly.

Customized Silicates

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