Sodium Silicates

Sodium Silicate, a key raw material with versatile properties !

Sodium silicate is a chemical compound of silicon dioxide (SiO2 from pure silver sand), disodiumoxide (Na2O) and water. The great success of sodium silicate is explained by its versatile functionality. The product offers a highly interesting combination of properties, which can be adapted freely to meet your requirements, changing the ratio between its components. We are at your complete service to assist you in selecting the most appropriate sodium silicate for your application.

Properties and Advantages

  • Sodium silicate is a low cost multi-functional product. It offers an interesting combination of properties such as alkalinity, hardness-binding capacity, protection against corrosion. This results in many diversified industrial applications.
  • Soluble sodium silicates are wholly inorganic and once diluted have no significant environmental impact. They form by contact with Ca, Mg, Al or Fe insoluble silicates that occur in abundance in nature. When neutralized they recycle themselves to amorphous silica.

Product Overview

The available range of liquid sodium silicates is very broad. The table below lists the standard limits for liquid sodium silicates. We are at your service to assist you in selecting the most appropriate sodium silicate for your application. Our individual product specifications are available on demand.

Typical values

Molar ratioConcentration (%)Density (kg/L)Density (°Bé)
3,2 - 3,525 - 401,26 - 1,4530 - 42
2,6 - 3,235 - 461,38 - 1,5340 - 50
1,6 - 2,635 - 551,38 - 1,7040 - 60

Product identification

Chemical name: Silicic acid, sodium salt

Formula: Na2O. n SiO2

CAS nr: 1344-09-8

Packaging options

The product is available in 200 L drums (plastic or steel) / 1000 L IBC / Road tanker (10 up to 30 tons)

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Sodium Silicates

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