SILMACO possess a wide range of high performance liquid and solid soluble silicates especially designed for the refractory industry. We have in our product portfolio products that can serve as a part of the binder system, in self-flowing repair mixes or as an accelerator for the setting of your mortars.

SILMACO produces the complete range of liquid sodium silicates with SiO2/Na2O ratio's ranging from 1,65 (highly alkaline) towards 3,45 (highly siliceous). The high ratio silicates are the most refractory as well as the most resistant to acids but they contain more water compared to the lower ratio solutions. We are able to adjust the ratio and concentration depending on your needs.  Our solid sodium silicates differ in solution rate according to their ratio, particle size and degree of hydration. High alkalinity (low ratio), small particle size and some water content all help to increase the speed of solution. Our sodium metasilicates (ratio 1.0) are the most alkaline ones. We have sodium metasilicate available in anhydrous-, pentahydrate and nonahydrate form, each of which differs in terms of concentration. Metasilicates all dissolves very easily, even in cold water. Our metasilicate nonahydrate with its high water content and low melting point (48°C) is especially useful in self flowing hot repair mixes. Whereas metasilicate anhydrous and -pentahydrate are mainly used as an accelerator for chemical bonded mixes. Our sodium disilicate (ratio 2.0) and -trisilicate (3.4) are produced in hydrated form in order to be soluble at room temperature. Their higher SiO2/Na2O ratio give them more binding capacity compared to metasilicates and they are therefore used as a part of the binder system in mortars, putties and (tundish) gunning mixes. 

We also produce a broad range of lithium silicate solutions with SiO2/Li2O ratio's ranging from 2,95 towards 5,80. Lithium silicates are high ratio, low viscosity solutions that has excellent binding and refractory properties !

Principal Benefits

Tailor made products

Our liquid silicates can be adjusted regarding SiO2/Na2O ratio and solid content to meet the needs of your formulation. Our sodium silicate powders are available in different ratio's and can be grinded towards the particle size needed to obtain the reaction speed you are looking for. 

Easy and Safe to handle

Sodium silicate binder systems are non-toxic, produce essentially no fumes and are odor free.

High temperature- and acid resistance

Our sodium silicates form a ceramic bond with clay-type minerals and may form forsterite upon reaction with magnesium oxide. Consequently, good heat stability is easily obtained in formulations with selected refractory filler material. In addition, our sodium silicates offer set cements good resistance to acids.

Looking for more information ?

Our recommended grades for refractory applications are shown below. A more detailed description of the properties and benefits of these products can be found in our technical brochure. If you can't find what you are looking, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about your specific needs !

Customized Silicates

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We are happy to work with you to adjust our products to fit your specific needs !

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Silmaco is a family business with more than 30 years of experience in the production of high-quality and customized silicates. Our flexibility, focus on innovation and quality guarantees your company a carefree service and the most appropriate silicate for your application.

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