Metal Surface Treatment

"Our sodium metasilicates are recognized as very powerful metal surface cleaners !"

Metal surfaces are first cleaned before being processed. Cleaning with alkaline solutions is the oldest form of commercial metal cleaning and still the most widely used. Our granulated sodium metasilicates are especially suitable for metal surface cleaning. Their granular, free-flowing property makes them very convenient for dry mixing with other cleaning agents such as phosphates, soda ash or caustic soda. Their is a choice of three different grades of metasilicate: anhydrous, pentahydrate and nonahydrate, each of which differs in terms of concentration.

For those who prefer to work with liquids, SILMACO offers a complete portfolio of alkaline sodium silicates.

Principal Benefits

Powerfull cleaning properties

Our sodium silicates and sodium metasilicates are very effective in decreasing metal surfaces. This is due to to their alkalinity and excellent buffering capacity. The alkalinity enables them to emulsify fats and oils. Their buffering capacity maintains the desired alkalinity even when diluted.  

Corrosion inhibiting properties

Our sodium silicates and metasilicates places a protective film on metallic surfaces and protect the surface against alkaline attack from other cleaning ingredients such as phosphates and other alkalis . 

Customized Silicates

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