SILMACO has build up a large know-how in engineering alkali silicate activators for geopolymers. We determine together with the customer what type of alkali silicate is most appropriate to activate the chosen slag, fly-ash, other pozzolan material or combination of previously materials to obtain a high performant inorganic polymer binder. Futhermore, we are able to offer alkali silicate activators in liquid, granular or powder form.

Geopolymer binder technology has been successfully applied in:

  • Heat and acid resistant cement and concrete
  • Fire proof and heat-resistant composite materials
  • Art and Decoration

Principal Benefits

Engineered alkali silicate activators

Our liquid silicate activators can be adjusted regarding SiO2/Na2O ratio and solid content to meet the needs of your formulation. Our solid silicate activators are available in different ratio's and can be grinded towards the particle size needed to obtain the reaction speed you are looking for.

High temperature- and acid resistance

Our engineered alkali silicate activators offer geopolymer cements high heat resistance and good resistance to acids !

Environmentally friendly

Our alkali silicate activators are wholly inorganic and once diluted have no significant environmental impact. They form by contact with Ca, Mg, Al or Fe insoluble silicates that occur in abundance in nature. When neutralized they recycle themselves to amorphous silica.

Exploring industrial waste

Studio ThusThat use our engineered silicates in their exploration into alkali-activated geopolymers. One of their creations is this beautiful large floor lamp. The body of the lamp is made from copper slag and a tailor made silicate-activator.

Geopolymer_floor lamp_studio thusthat

Our engineered soluble silicates for eco-friendly concrete !

Traditional concrete is vulnerable in chemically aggressive environments. The SIM MaRes project TOGETHER aims to develop and produce environmentally friendly concrete building products with high chemical resistance for the agricultural and chemical industry.

We are proud to be partner in this project, delivering our engineered soluble silicates for the activation of the metallurgic slags with the aim to obtain a low-cost, low-carbon footprint, chemical resistant binder !

Our SIM-Mares project partners: J. Janssens en Zonen - Metallo Group - Resourcefull - KU Leuven Department of Materials Engineering SREMat - Universiteit Gent - Strategisch Initiatief Materialen (SIM)

Customized Silicates

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We are happy to work with you to adjust our products to fit your specific needs !

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About Silmaco.

Silmaco is a family business with more than 30 years of experience in the production of high-quality and customized silicates. Our flexibility, focus on innovation and quality guarantees your company a carefree service and the most appropriate silicate for your application.

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